Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl by Gillian FlynnOn the day of their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick’s wife Amy disappears. There are signs of struggle in the living room and the police find evidence of a hastily cleaned bloodstain on the kitchen floor. Nick is mystified and panicked by the disappearance, as well as by the tendency of the police to treat him as the prime suspect. As the days pass, and more evidence comes to light, the cracks in Nick and Amy’s relationship seem wider and deeper. Who killed Amy? Why doesn’t Nick know his wife’s best friend? Where was Nick on the morning Amy disappeared and what is he hiding from the police?

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
This was a book full of twists and surprises which was layered like an onion (although the reader should avoid the spoilers in the table of contents – a poor editing choice). Some of us really enjoyed the story, although others found that the conflicted characters and the bleak portrayal of a toxic marriage made them very uncomfortable. It was fascinating to slowly unravel the mystery and understand what lengths the characters would go to in order to exact revenge. Flynn makes some insightful observations about human nature, which are unflinchingly honest. We were slightly unconvinced by the final few chapters of the story, but the roller coaster ride of the plot kept us turning pages until the end.


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