A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern

A Place Called Here by Cecelia AhernSandy Shortt is consumed by an obsession to find things. She labels all of her possessions, and searches for hours when anything goes missing. After a short career with the police force, she now runs a one-woman detective agency specializing in locating missing persons. Sandy has a long roster of cases because she never, ever gives up on a client. She checks in regularly with their family members and she often remembers more personal details about them than their grieving families. One day Sandy wanders onto a side trail while jogging and discovers a place called “Here” where all of the lost things are waiting. But nobody ever returns from Here, and who is left out in the real world to find Sandy?

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
This was a frothy and enjoyable fairy tale confection, which didn’t dig too deeply into the motivations or development of its characters. A good book for a vacation read. We were interested in the concept of a place where all the lost things go, but felt quite sad to think of the children being born and lives being lead in this purgatory that nobody ever escaped from. We found Sandy’s motivations difficult to understand at first until the medical diagnosis was revealed, and then we understood why she was so good at her work. We thought that the relationship between Sandy and her therapist was more than a bit creepy, and were glad that the story didn’t end in an artificial romance between Sandy and any of her clients. We enjoyed the parallels with Wizard of Oz. A fun read.


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