Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine HarrisThe first book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series featuring small town waitress Sookie Stackhouse. In this alternate reality, vampires are “out of the coffin” as they are able to drink a synthetic substance called True Blood developed as a substitute for human blood. Sookie leads a quiet life, isolated by her ability to read minds. When vampire Bill comes into the restaurant she is attracted to the silence he brings as she cannot hear his thoughts. Once Bill and Sookie begin dating she encounters the prejudice against humans in relationships with vampires. Women known to consort with vampires are being murdered, and Sookie may be next.

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
We enjoyed the humour in the book, although it took some people a little while to realize the book was intended to be light and funny. This series pre-dates the Twilight Series, but does not take itself so seriously. We thought the style was similar to the Stephanie Plum novels – light and breezy – a fast, fun read. We did not like the helpless female trope established by Bill’s possessive stance toward Sookie. We enjoyed the social commentary on equal rights for vampires as a parallel to other struggles for other minority rights, and also the interesting repercussions of being a mind reader.


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