Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson

BeforeIGoToSleepWhen Christine wakes up each morning, there is a strange man in the bed beside her. She has no idea of how she got to the unfamiliar room in the unfamiliar house. And when she looks in the bathroom mirror she is horrified to see an older version of herself. The strange man is her husband, the house is hers and she is suffering from a rare form of amnesia. At first Christine panics, but her husband shows her photographs of their life together and they go about their morning routine. But once her husband leaves for work, another stranger telephones and tells her to look in the bedroom closet. There she finds a diary that she has been keeping every day for the past several weeks as she slowly tries to piece her life together. Who is Christine and what was her life like before the accident that robbed her of her memories?

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
This was certainly a page turner of a novel with a great premise. It was creepy and thrilling – although the ending was a bit too neatly wound up. We also found that the first person narrative became rather strained as the book progressed and the action started to intensify. It became difficult to believe that Christine had time to read the entire diary – let alone add a lengthy entry each day. All faults aside – it was a great read and none of us could easily put it down. This is the author’s first novel and was written during a creative writing workshop so perhaps his next book will be more polished.


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