Jackdaws by Ken Follett

Jackdaws by Ken FollettA fast paced spy novel set in WWII during the German occupation of France. Felicity “Flick”Clariet is a British special operations officer operating undercover in France. In the opening scene of the book, she plots with her husband and a cell of French Resistance members to blow up a German telephone exchange. The attempt is foiled by Dieter Franck – a wiley gestapo officer who happens to be visiting the Exchange that day to gauge its security protocols. Flick manages to escape the disasterous scene, and returns to Britian in dismay. She then works to recruit an all female special operations team to parachute back behind the lines and make another attempt on the telephone exchange by posing as a cleaning crew.

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
As with all of Ken Follett’s novels, the book is a page turner which keeps you on the edge of your seat. Flick’s efforts to recruit and train the women within 48 hours was fascinating. The disbelief with which the various characters reacted when caught was also very interesting. Unfortunately the torture scenes were somewhat graphic and off-putting to some of our members. However, the story was exciting and the characters were well drawn. We read some articles about real life female Special Operations Forces who parachuted into the countryside to set up resistance cells, train French operatives and radio information to British bases. Some of their stories sounded very much like this one, and not all of them were as lucky as Flick. Recommended.


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