Crow Lake by Mary Lawson

Crow Lake by Mary LawsonKate Morrison’s father was the first of his farming clan to finish secondary school and his job in a bank justified the sacrifices made by his family to get him there. Kate now has a good education, and a busy life in urban Toronto as a professional zoologist, yet she cannot escape from the memories of her upbringing in rural Ontario. When a collision with a logging truck left Kate and her siblings orphaned, her brother Luke fought to keep the family together. Luke and Matt, the older boys, worked at a neighbouring farm to earn extra money so Matt, a gifted student, could attend university. But when the farmer’s teenage daughter formed a desperate bond with Matt, Kate could not forgive and forget the consequences.

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
A beautifully written book which was the choice for the “Hamilton Reads” event held by the local public library. We found the book moving and the characters sympathetic -with the exception of Kate -whose motives were not clear until late in the book. Our discussion lead to a debate about the priorities shown by Aunt Annie in her choice to leave the four children to fend for themselves while she returned to her work at the family farm in the Gaspe. Some of us also questioned the need for the huge mystery surrounding Matt, which seemed anti-climatic when revealed.


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