How to Cook a Tart by Nina Killham

How to Cook a Tart by Nina KillhamWhat would literature be like if stories were written by cookbook authors? Nina Killham answers this question in her first novel, narrated by the blissfully food-obsessed Jasmine March. Every simile is edible, every page makes your stomach rumble. Jasmine’s life revolves around her family and her next meal or snack. Meanwhile, her teenage daughter struggles with an eating disorder, while her husband gets involved with a new-age health nut who advocates deep bowel cleansing. Events start to spiral out of control as Jasmine’s righteous defense of butter and cream on live television make her an instant celebrity and her husband’s girlfriend approaches her for cooking lessons.

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
This was a light, fun read. Some of us found the constant food references tiresome, but others quite enjoyed them. The ending of the novel is a bit disappointing as her family reacts to an emergency in surprising and unlikely ways. Killham’s descriptions of food obsessions are spot-on and her heroine is likable and funny. Recommended.


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