Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Fight Club by Chuck PalahniukA seriously disturbed young man, disillusioned with his Ikea furniture and morally bankrupt job meets a strange and charismatic new friend, Tyler Durden. Together they form a new club where groups of like-minded men can come together to relieve their frustrations by beating each other up. The success of this club leads to new fight clubs opening up in major cities everywhere. When the therapeutic properties of pummeling one another begin to wane, the fight clubs morph into a cult of anarchists lead by Tyler. As the fight clubs begin an active campaign of vandalism and terror, the book spirals downwards into a pit of violence and desperation.

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
The member who picked this book enjoyed the edgy, terse writing style, which echoed the tension of the main characters. The protagonists were also appreciated for their passionate tirades against our society’s material lifestyle, though we did not agree with their means of dealing with their dissatisfaction. The main plot twist was also nicely done. That being said, this book was almost universally loathed by our group for its violence and mean spirited tone. Tyler -why didn’t you channel all that energy into something positive?


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