The Last Crossing by Guy Vanderhaeghe

The Last Crossing by Guy VanderhaegheWhen two brothers travel from Victorian England to seek their lost missionary brother, they gather a cast of other characters on their travels. These characters include: Custis a Civil War veteran, Jerry Potts their half-breed guide, and Lucy a determined young woman who is looking for her sister’s killers. As the group journeys by wagon from northern Montana to parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta, the book touches on many facets of Canadian history including smallpox epidemics, the whiskey trade, buffalo hunting, forts, and red river carts.

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
Most of the Critics thought the story was engrossing and enjoyed the descriptive passages and attention to historical detail. The characters of Lucy and Custis were found particularly appealing, even though they were rough around the edges! The author handled the alternating points of view very well. However some members had trouble with the extensive violent imagery ie: the fist fight between Custis and Addington. We were interested to discover that Jerry Potts was a real person and that Fort Whoop Up is now a heritage site near Lethbridge Alberta. It was interesting to learn some more about the Canadian West and how it was perceived by the English gentleman traveler.


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