Dolce Agonia by Nancy Huston

Dolce Agonia by Nancy HustonGod is the narrator in this gloomy and disturbing novel about a Thanksgiving dinner party held by a middle-aged writer for a group of his friends and associates. Through the eyes of God, we hear the honest and sometimes shocking inner thoughts of each guest, as we also witness their outward conversations and routine actions. The plot is limited, as most of the story revolves around the memory, flashbacks and innuendo triggered by the polite conversation in the room. As an added bonus feature, God throws in a description of the eventual death of each character at the end of every chapter.

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
Although there were no really likable people in the book, it was quite disconcerting to read a novel in which every single character dies. As you learned the ultimate future of each guest, most their actions and thoughts at the dinner party seemed to become trivial. We found ourselves thinking about making the most of every moment -perhaps the main message Huston intended to convey.


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