The Green Mile by Steven King

The Green Mile by Steven KingOriginally a serialized novel in six parts, the Green Mile tells the story of a death row prison guard who is assigned to watch over John Coffey, an enormous silent man convicted of murdering two young girls. The “green mile” is the guards’ name for the inmates’ last walk along the green linoleum between the cells on the way to “Old Sparky”. As the story unfolds, Coffey is shown to have strange healing powers, leading Paul Edgecomb and his coworkers to believe that putting the man to death would be a terrible mistake.

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
We enjoyed the novel and found it a departure from King’s usual horror stories. There was some discussion of the similarities between Coffey and the Christ story. He is certainly a moving figure. Although we were fond of Mr. Jingles, we found his later appearance a little hard to swallow. The parallels between the prison and the nursing home Edgecomb finds himself in are well drawn. We wondered if King made a lot more money by releasing the book in six parts!.


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