Still Me by Christopher Reeve

Still Me by Christopher ReeveReeve’s autobiography looks back at his incredibly active past and forward to his uncertain future. Before the 1995 riding accident that left him paralysed below the neck, Reeve enjoyed life in the fast lane -flying planes, horseback riding, and filming in exotic locations. Today his daily routine depends upon a small army of staff who dress, feed and bathe him. Reeve has become a leading activist for spinal cord research and his Christopher Reeve Foundation has raised over a million dollars toward the quest for a cure. Reeve tells his story in an honest, straightforward manner. The book was dictated to ghost writer June Fox during daily recording sessions at his home in New York. Chapters are organized around key themes: the accident, his time in rehabilitation, his career, his childhood, his courtship with his wife, and his life now.

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
An eye-opening look at the life of an independent man who must now rely on others for his most basic needs. Reeve’s refusal to give into self pity is inspiring. His physical efforts to learn to breathe without a respirator and to regularly exercise his limbs are remarkable. To people around the world, Reeve is Superman and he has used this unique position to advocate for spinal injury research. We were touched by Reeve’s portrayal of his wife and his obvious love of his children. We questioned how Reeve’s life would differ from the average spinal cord injury victim. Would it be easier to keep hope alive if you looked out at the view Reeve enjoys on his book jacket?


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