How Reading Changed my Life by Anna Quindlen

How Reading Changed my Life by Anna QuindlenAnna Quindlen’s tribute to reading will help you recall your early printed friends and how you felt when an unread title by a favorite author appeared at the library. Quindlen boldly declares that she has been a voracious reader all her life, not because she wants to educate or better herself, but because she just loves reading “more than any other activity on earth.” She believes that many people feel this way because books both “lessen isolation” and help readers escape the demands of everyday life. Reading, she says, is an “undersung” source of pleasure and comfort that ranks right up there with “God, sex, food, family, friends.”

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
This book held plenty of food for thought. We liked that fact that Quindlen does not discriminate between literature and mass market pulp fiction -stating that all reading fulfils an important purpose. We enjoyed reminiscing about our own childhood favourites and wondered how to teach our children to love books as we do. We agreed that books on disk will not replace books on paper any time soon!


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