Midwives by Chris Bohajalian

Midwives by Chris BohajalianThis novel chronicles the events leading up to the trial of Sibyl Danforth, a respected midwife in a small Vermont town, on charges of manslaughter. The prosecuting attorney and the medical community are all anxious to use this tragedy as ammunition against midwifery in general. Through it all, Sibyl, her husband, and their teenage daughter, Connie, attempt to keep their family intact, but the stress of the trial–and Sibyl’s growing closeness to her lawyer–puts pressure on the marriage.

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
This book was a pleasant page-turner which kept you guessing about Sibyl’s guilt until the conclusion. Most enjoyed the book, although they felt that Sibyl’s character was unsympathetic because she valued the ‘high’ she got from delivering babies over anything her family had to offer. An interesting discussion about midwifery vs. the established medical community.


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