Lives of the Saints by Nino Ricci

Lives of the Saints by Nino RicciVittorio Innocente’s childhood is shattered when his mother, Christina, has an affair with a blue-eyed stranger. His tiny Italian village harbours century-old superstitions, and fears. The villagers’ self-righteousness harms Vittorio and his mother. But as he pieces together the story of his mother’s ‘crime’, Vittorio discovers the truth about the villagers and gains a new understanding of human nature.

What the Armchair Critics Thought:
The majority of our members did not enjoy this book. Some disliked the portrayal of Italians as superstitious and backward. We found the perspective of the little boy irritating because the reader was left guessing about what was really going on. We found the book trailed off and left many loose ends (though we note that there are two sequels that probably tie them up). Connie read a very amusing article by the author (who lives in Toronto, Ontario) about his relationship with the local Italian community.


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